Supporting UK SME growth via advertising spend

With a growing Direct Sales team up and down the UK and the UK’s fastest growing out-of-home media owner, we are a big supporter of SME growth. The numbers speak for themselves, with 5.7 million SMEs in the UK, 81% of which are based outside of London. This group contribute nearly 40% of UK turnover, but amazingly, only 18% of total advertising spend (BIS Business Population Estimates 2017).


The Advertising Association’s AAccelerate programme is in place to help guide UK SMEs to get the best return on their advertising investment, providing advice and incentives to invest in multi-platform advertising. To kick off the work, two pilot schemes are running in Scotland and the West Midlands.


We are on the Advertising Association's working group for the West Midlands, and today are pleased to say that a new competition, AAccelerate for Growth, has launched. This gives SMEs in the area a chance to win a multi-platform advertising campaign, at an exceptional discounted cost, as well as an independent evaluation of its business impact.


Look out for the ads on our premium screens around the West Midlands and if you think you might qualify, get in contact! Entry to the competition is open until 31st August 2018 – visit for more details.


If you would like to speak to one of our Direct Sales Team about advertising your business in one of the 30 towns and cities we have a presence in across the UK, please contact Look out for all our Direct Sales related news via our Twitter page @Direct_8Outdoor.

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