Here at 8 Outdoor, we work with companies of all sizes. No matter if you run a local business or are operating nationally, or even internationally, you can feel what the power of 8 can do for your advertising. We want to highlight the opportunities for a whole range of brands and that’s why we run our Campaign of the Month initiative – to showcase the best campaigns from the last month.
August sees two winners from both the National and Direct side of the business, with both campaigns exhibiting how flexible trading and booking can enhance any campaign.
From Direct’s corner, we see our first multi-financed booking. Local businesses of the Southgate area Planet Marble and Premium German Kitchens (PGK) Ltd agreed to share our New Southgate Large Format screen delivering premium advertising opportunities in a cost-effective way. The work done with Planet Marble and PGK is a great example of the effort we make to show that digital out-of-home advertising can work for big or small brands. Not only do these campaigns show our commitment to giving the client the ‘power’, but it also shows the value of flexible buying.

Coming out of the National corner is our work with Insure & Go. The brand used our national network exclusively to produce a multiscreen campaign during the heart of the English summer to remind holidaymakers that holiday insurance is important and made easy by Insure & Go. The 8 Outdoor team worked closely with the client to deliver target impacts on a week by week basis with the help of agency MJ Media and Specialists Posterscope. This campaign is a true and explicit demonstration of how flexible and creative buying can work for all parties delivering client targets.

Well done to everyone involved with the campaigns – if you would like any further information about this or any of our wider work then please do get in contact at

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