CoppaFeel! partner with 8 Outdoor to promote #GetifOffYourChest

We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with CoppaFeel!

From September 2016, 8 Outdoor will be promoting the charity across our screen portfolio.

The Coppafeel! message is a simple but hugely important one.  What they do is ensure woman start checking their breasts then remind them to do so regularly as ‘it could save your life’.  Their latest campaign invites everyone to #GetItOffYourChest raising awareness amongst young women, and men, on the signs and symptoms that must not be ignored.  Look out for their great creative on our screens which is live now.

Natalie Kelly – Director of Marketing, CoppaFeel! said “8 Outdoor is hugely important for us. In accessing their inventory, we are able to reach many more people up and down the UK with our potentially lifesaving message"

Natalie continued; "The opportunity to share our message on innovative and impactful formats allows us to educate the UK on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, remind more people to check their boobs regularly and to also encourage people to have conversations about their boobs and #GetItOffYourChest if they find anything that isn't normal for them!”

The outdoor campaign is running exclusively with 8 Outdoor and this will support a press, cinema and radio campaign developed by Karmarama.

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