Automation Becomes a Reality with PLATO & BitPoster

Early this month, Talon launched its bespoke automated, end-to-end OOH platform PLATO.

PLATO (Platform, for Automated Transaction in OOH) is built around the software developed by BitPoster and is bringing numerous efficiencies in the processes associated with briefing, planning and buying.

It is a hugely exciting step forward for the industry as we look to embrace the benefits of smarter and more efficient technology.

Talon is now fielding proximity and retail briefs through the platform and is expecting to expand to over 60% of all briefs by year end 2016, with 90-100% established in 2017.

James Copley, Managing Partner at Talon, comments on the development“In a world of escalating automation, we want an approach where data, insight and intelligence are at the core of decision-making and planning and buying, driving the right efficiencies for a profitable media business.”

We’re pleased to say we are involved and visible on the PLATO platform - it offered an opportunity to improve efficiencies for the benefit of both ourselves and our customers. The idea of flexibility and ease of buying is also something we are heavily pushing and embodying as part of our overall proposition

We’re confident these platforms and approaches will bring numerous efficiencies allowing focus on new areas such as business generation and proving effectiveness of the platform.  This development, despite being still in early stages, will unquestionably help grow the appeal of OOH by offering up the entire industries’ estate in a way that will make it easier for new budgets and brands to access the OOH audiences across the UK and beyond.

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