8 Outdoor Host The Glass Wall Launch with Sue Unerman & Kathryn Jacob

On the 1st September, Kathryn Jacob (CEO, Pearl & Dean) and Sue Unerman (Chief Strategy Officer, MediaCom) launched their new book, 'The Glass Wall’. We were delighted to support the launch with a campaign across our sites and a talk by the authors to a large group of our clients.

Sue and Kathryn are two of our industry’s most well-known and inspirational leaders. Their book gives advice to woman on how to breakdown the glass wall that exists all too often in businesses - the glass wall being a divide between men and woman in the workplace that acts as a barrier to woman’s career progression.

The book offers a number of strategies to ‘break that glass wall’.

We’d like to thank Sue and Kathryn for a wonderful presentation and our guests who made the session a great event filled with discussion and opinion.

If you'd like to buy a copy of the book, check it out here on Amazon: The Glass Wall

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