2 million more people and rising

Our rapid growth means every time Route is updated there are new figures to understand about the changes we are bringing to the digital out-of-home market.

So, this is the first of what will be our regular update on things we think you should know about 8 Outdoor and the opportunities we are creating for advertisers and our agency partners:

  1. 8 Outdoor is the market leader for audience reach in the digital billboard market
  2. 8 Outdoor reaches 8.6m people per fortnight, just shy of 18% of all UK adults
  3. Our incremental reach in the digital billboard market, or put simply, the people who only see adverts on 8 Outdoor screens is nearly 2m adults in towns and cities across the UK
  4. From 25 screens in July 2016, 8 Outdoor now has 80 screens, this growth has taken place in just 12 months
  5. We now have screens in 18 cities across the UK, with a strategy to be in every UK city with 100,000+ population, totaling over 50 cities

In summary, we are the UK’s fastest growing digital out-of-home media owner and we will continue rapid growth with up to ten billboards going into the ground each month.

It is a really exciting time for the business as we continue to develop more screens and offer even greater reach for advertisers.

Make sure to look out for our next Route update in September.

Data Source: Market Universe, Live in Route v23, June 2017, Roadside Digital OOH, 48 Sheets and greater, All ad slots, 2-week duration, Standard SOV, All adults.

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