Solace Women's Aid delivered one of the most important messages during the FIFA World Cup 2018, focusing on domestic violence. With the help of 8 Outdoor, its campaign created a lot of noise during an already cluttered news period.

Agency: The Gate

Specialists: Kinetic

Challenge: Solace Women’s Aid wanted to raise the nation’s awareness of domestic abuse throughout the duration of the FIFA World Cup 2018, using the hashtag #StopItComingHome. The aim was to use a multi-channel campaign, including social media and digital out-of-home (DOOH), to help prevent sports induced domestic abuse.

Solution: 8 Outdoor was the only OOH media owner to run the campaign, using its flexibility to run different creatives instantly after World Cup matches.

Results: This campaign reached almost 800,000 impacts over two days, making a real impression during a time period with heavy media coverage and advertising noise.

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