YOUR 2018 OUTDOOR – Domino’s Pizza

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Domino's Pizza incorporated two of the most loved things in Britain - pizza and football. With the many abilities that digital out-of-home (DOOH) has, Domino's managed to slice its way into Your 2018 Outdoor.

Agency: Havas

Specialist: Posterscope / Ad City

Challenge: This summer, Domino’s wanted to deliver a dynamic campaign that would be seen across the nation. The campaign would consist of an ‘always on’ approach with dynamic creatives, updated depending on popular culture moments, including the FIFA World Cup. Domino's was also looking to achieve around 15 million impressions over the eight weeks.

Solution: With agency Havas and specialists Posterscope and Ad City, 8 Outdoor provided 10 large format screens and the entire D48 portfolio for this campaign. Demonstrating 8 Outdoor’s flexibility, the campaign was dynamically updated on key days. Creatives were updated in line with major events, such as the World Cup, ensuring real relevancy. The campaign was delivered during PM commuter hours on weekdays and evenings on weekends.

Results: The end of the campaign saw Domino’s target surpassed, with a nationwide campaign that had a real impact, tapping into popular culture and key World Cup events.

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